Massage therapy is one of the oldest healthcare practices known. References to massage are found in ancient Eastern medical texts written more than four thousand years ago. Massage has also been championed in Western healthcare practices since the time of Hippocrates.


     Here at Coultas massage we provide neuromuscular, deep tissue, and movement based massage. Your needs always come first. Whether you need relaxation and pampering, or chronic pain management we are here to help you on your massage therapy Journey.

Covid-19 Response



Thank you to all our clients who have supported us during this difficult time. We appreciate your continued trust & support. By following Alachua county's stay at home order, we hope to bounce back as a community from this devastating situation. Stay safe & stay home.

 Don't hesitate to text if there's anything we can do for you. Our goal is to open as soon as possible. In the meantime you can book appointments in the future by texting.

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