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Frequently asked Questions about Couples and Prenatal Massage Therapy 

Prenatal Questions:

Are you going to touch my belly?


Most practitioners agree that abdominal massage is neither suggested or helpful during your pregnancy. So, no I do not include belly massage during your session. Although if your skin is feeling tight and itchy and you are more than welcome to use some of my 100% raw shea butter.


What about my feet? Aren't there some Points you're not supposed to touch during pregnancy?


There are some spots around the ankles and other places on the body that some limited research a has suggested should be avoided during a prenatal massage. These particular points would need sustained, deep, and steady intentional pressure for several minutes to cause any change. The light sweeping motion of normal massage has no impact on these points. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to talk to your doctor or midwife.


Will I be comfortable for a whole hour or 90 minutes on a massage table?


There are a variety of positions we can try on my extra padded table. I also provide numerous pillows and bolsters to Aid in your comfort. Every client I have had has found a position to receive massage that is more than comfortable.


How long does an appointment take for a 1-hour massage?


When you come in for your first appointment I ask that you fill out my intake form. It is only a couple pages and takes about 5 minutes. You will always receive a full 60 Minutes of Hands-On massage therapy for a one-hour appointment. So altogether I suggest you a lot about an hour and a half for your first appointment and about an hour and 15 minutes for every appointment after that.

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