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I, Carla, chose to work towards my prenatal massage therapy certification in 2017. I received  24 hours continuing education in prenatal, perinatal, labor, and postpartum massage. Now I have a studio in the Historic Duck Pond in downtown Gainesville Florida. I provide a variety of services and packages to bring pain relief and educated massage techniques to expectant mothers. The vast majority of people do not realize that relaxation and decreased stress play a huge role in the health of both a new mother and her child. From decreased labor complications to better concentration and emotional well-being all the way into their teenage years, research on stress reduction shows huge benefits for both mother and child.


Besides reducing stress hormones, prenatal massage is an excellent tool to relieve neck and low back pain, swelling in extremities, labor pain and so much more.


Besides therapeutic massage I also offer additions to your session.


Hand and foot salt scrubs are a wonderful choice if you are feeling moderate swelling and aching in your extremities.


Kinesiology taping can be used on over-extended joints for extra stability and directly on the stomach to help relieve lower back pain associated with your growing baby.


You can choose a charcoal or cooling face mask if you are experiencing skin changes associated with pregnancy hormones or just want to feel a bit pampered as you receive your Therapeutic Massage.


Moxibustion application is another option to treat deep aches and pains. Tightly wrapped mugwort is burned close to the skin to create a comfortable penetrating Heat which can reach deep into your muscle.


I offer a variety of massages and packages to fit your schedule. You can choose a 60 Minute or 90-minute Hands-On therapeutic massage for a one-time experience. The basic package contains 4 1 hour massages. The wellness package gives you 6 one-hour massages to use throughout your third trimester. The whole nine yards package comes with 9 1 hour massages and a salt scrub and face mask every time. I recommend the massage and Bodywork Journey package which comes with 12 hours of Hands-On therapeutic massage which you can use throughout your second and third trimester, during your labor, and postpartum period. This option also comes with 9 foot and hand salt scrub treatments and nine face masks of your choice.


Whatever your schedule allows you can find you can find a massage experience that fits your needs right here with Massage by Coultas.

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